trozachrome 3 i.m. amps. price 2023

Trozachrome 3 i.m. amps. price 2023

Symptomatic venous insufficiency


Trozachrome 3 i.m. amps. price medicine 2023


27.00 L.E.

Active substance/Scientific name of Trozachrome 3 i.m. amps. :

About active substance / Uses / Indications (General information):
Therapeutic indications:
symptomatic venous insufficiency;
states of capillary fragility in post - hemorrhoidectomy patients.
posology and method of administration:
1-3 ampoules a day by intramuscular injection.
the content of the ampoules must not be mixed with solutions containing ascorbic acid.
disease area surgery trauma and infections promote edema.
they trigger neutrophil-endothelial interaction which induces the synthesis of many inflammatory mediators
e.g. il-1; pge-2;
inflammation causes pain vasodilatation increased capillary permeability and fluid exudation to the interstitial spaces.
inflammation also activates the coagulation cascade increasing the intravascular thrombosis. venous thrombosis causes capillary hypertension that aggravates edema.

Company / Production of Trozachrome 3 i.m. amps. :
Global pharmaceutical industries

Pharmacology / Uses of Trozachrome 3 i.m. amps. :
Symptomatic venous insufficiency

Route of administration of Trozachrome 3 i.m. amps. :

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