coloverin d 30 tabs. price 2023

Coloverin d 30 tabs. price 2023

Antispasmodic with antiflatulent


Coloverin d 30 tabs. price medicine 2023


51.00 L.E.

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About dimethicone:
oral anti -foaming agent a flexible silicone polymer antiflatulent antibloating agent.
mechanism of action of dimethicone activated dimethicone relieves flatulence by dispensing and preventing formation of mucus surrounding gas pockets in the gastro-intestinal tract.
it lowers the surface tension of the gas bubbles and bringing together all the small bubbles of gas (coalesce) to form a large bubble which is then expelled. thus the gas is freed by belching or passing flatus. antiflatulents are added to an antacid gum coating to be effective antigas materials and eliminate trapped gas.
the most common antigas material is dimethicone and when mixed with silicone dioxide becomes simethicone.
simethicone is also referred to as activated dimethicone.
simethicone is the most common antigas material and may be the only drug approved antiflatulent.
as the antacid chewing tablet is chewed the active antacid and antiflatulent in the gum coating is released.

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Antispasmodic with antiflatulent

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1Coloverin d 30 tabs.
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